Danfoss IXA

Danfoss IXA announcement

Allan Skouboe, Chief Technical Officer at Danfoss IXA

Allan Skouboe, Chief Technical Officer at Danfoss IXA

IACCSEA is pleased to welcome Danfoss IXA as a new member. With extensive experience in exhaust gas after treatment, Danfoss are positioned to play a key role in the ‘green wave’ of technological development.

On joining IACCSEA, Allan Skouboe, Chief Technical Officer at Danfoss IXA, stated “We are happy to join an organization which is focused on the use of SCR technology in the maritime business. Our state-of-the art NOx sensor is widely used across the industry in connection with SCR and the membership of IACCSEA help us to stay ahead on industry requirements and trends.”.

Speaking on behalf of IACCSEA Ilkka Saarinen said “We look forward to engaging with Allan and the team in the years to come. Monitoring emissions from ship engines will grow in importance as shipping embraces being cleaner and greener”.


Since its formation in 2011, the International Association for Catalytic Control of Ship Emissions to Air (IACCSEA) has focussed on demonstrating the technological and economic viability of on board Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology to reduce Ox emissions.  We work closely with other stakeholders in the continued development and implementation of strategies that lead to cleaner shipping and to improve awareness of the benefits of SCR technology.