World Enviroment Day


June 5th marked the World Environment Day, which in 2019 focused on creating awareness on air pollution and encouraging action aimed at minimising its effects on people’s health and the environment. It is our mission at IACCSEA to be a catalyst for clean shipping, and in the spirit of the day we would like to take the opportunity to remind everyone about the effects of nitrogen oxide (NOx). Formed in the heat of the marine engine, NOx is a dangerous, acidic pollutant that can be transported over many hundreds of miles and deposited as acid rain. It promotes the formation of ground level ozone, detrimental to human health and is known to exacerbate heart and lung complaints. NOx acidifies its environment and damages plant life in the sea and on land.

There are ways, however, to neutralise the NOx in the exhaust of the marine engine. Selective Catalytic Reduction technologies are a simple, cost-effective and proven NOx reduction solution capable of achieving the emission limits set by the International Maritime Organisation, and in many cases up to 99% reduction of NOx emissions.

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