IACCSEA to host a pre MEPC 74 event on 12 May to discuss its insights on why the IMO Tier III NOx regulations are not working yet

IACCSEA, the leading authority on catalytic reduction of NOx emissions from shipping, will host IMO MEPC 74 delegates and other esteemed guests from the industry on the evening of 12th of May. The programme will include thought-provoking presentations and discussions on the insights gained from the implementation of IMO Tier III NOx regulation in the North American Emission Control Areas to date and what difficulties need to be overcome in the future. Some of the topics we will discuss include:

  • Since the introduction of IMO Tier III regulation in 2016, there were very few calls by Tier III certified vessels in the North American ECA. This will mean that expected reduction in NOx emissions will not be achieved, as revealed interviews with major US and Canadian ports.
  • What are some of the common difficulties encountered in certifying IMO Tier III vessels and how to overcome them?

This is an invitation-only event held under Chatham House rules, so please get in touch with secretary@iaccsea.com if you are interested in attending.