Diesel Emissions Conference & AdBlue® Forum Europe 2012

30 May – 1 June 2012, Hilton, Düsseldorf. Germany

Successful strategies for achieving IMO Tier III NOx limits

As part of this successful 3 day event, which is now in its 8th year, Integer Research will host a unique track on the 1 June, focused on NOx emissions reduction strategies and AdBlue availability for marine applications.

Leading marine vessel manufacturers and operators will join diesel aftertreatment specialists to discuss the most effective methods for achieving NOx limits, due to be implemented in 2016 for all new ships (pending a review in 2013). Attendees will also discuss the availability of Aus40 urea solution to meet the needs of the marine market.

The conference is organised by Integer Research – a UK based consultancy specializing in diesel emissions reduction for on- and non-road applications. The conference forms part of the world-renowned Diesel Emissions Conference Series, which also includes conferences in Russia, China, India, Brazil and USA.

What will be discussed?

• IMO Tier III requirements – challenges and solutions for ship owners, engine manufacturers and technology suppliers.

• NOx abatement technology choices – the advantages and disadvantages of SCR and EGR systems.

• SOx and PM requirements for the marine sector.

• AdBlue use in the marine sector.

Want to know more?
Email conferences@integer-research.com or visit www.integer-research.com for further information.