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IACCSEA welcomes the progressive step taken by the International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) of reaching an agreement to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions from shipping by...



IACCSEA invited to talk at the US China Green Ports and Vessels Initiative Workshop in Seattle 6th December

Dr Joseph McCarney IACCSEA chairman will give a presentation of the role of catalysis can play in lowering the environmental impact of global shipping and then participate in an...



Marine NOx Regulation, Taxes and Incentive Schemes.

IACCSEA summary of the various regulation, taxes and incentives, intended to drive the installation of marine NOx emission control technology.



Excerpt of the constitution

5 Membership

5.1 Membership shall be available to any corporate body in the world provided that it is engaged in the manufacture and supply of catalysts and catalytic systems as the principle control technology of emission to air from ships. All members must act in accordance with the stated objectives of the Association.

5.2 Any corporate body that wishes to become a Member must submit an application and be approved by Special Resolution.

5.3 If a corporate body becomes a Member they agree to support and abide by this Charter and Constitution and other rules of the Association.

5.4 Members shall pay their subscriptions in accordance with Article 17.

6 Applications for Membership

6.1 Applications for membership of the Association shall be made in writing and addressed to the Chairman at the Principal Office.

6.2 On the Chairman's proposal, each application for membership will be submitted to the General Assembly.

6.3 Any decision with respect to admission of a new Member will require approval by Special Resolution.

7 Resignation of Membership

7.1 A Member shall cease to be a Member if it provides the Chairman with written notice at the Principal Office of its resignation within the first six months of the calendar year.

7.2 If a Member provides the Chairman with notice of its resignation, the resignation will be effective on the last day of the calendar year in which the resignation letter is received.

7.3 From the date of delivery of the member's resignation until the last day of the calendar year in which the resignation letter is delivered, a resigning member will:

7.3.1 keep its rights as a member of the Association; 

7.3.2 remain liable for the fees already voted for that calendar year; and

7.3.3 be liable for any losses incurred by the Association in accordance with Article 17.7.